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Termite Infestation

Termite damage can be detrimental to your place of business, and the damage that they cause can be a nightmare to deal with. Unfortunately, we are all vulnerable to this kind of damage. Just about all houses and building structures can pose as the perfect home for unwanted termites.

Termites can infest your home or business by traveling from their colonies and into your house or place of business. Often, cracks or gaps can give termites access to your building. If you have even the slightest concern that your home has been infested by termites, it’s important to get it checked out sooner rather than later by an experienced termite extinction company.


Signs of Termites

It’s important to identify termite damage as early as possible, so here are signs of a potential termite infestation to watch out for:


Damaged wood or abnormally thin layers of wood

Muddy material that lines the galleries in an abnormal pattern

“Flying ants” indicates that a swarm may be nearby – especially near light sources!

Mud tunnels that connect the nest to food sources (wood) and other abnormal tubes or tunnels

Piles of wings

Live termites

Buckling paint or small holes in the wood

Learn more about termite infestation from EPA’s helpful guide on identifying termites and what you can do.

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