Modern Pest Management

Pest Management Technicians have three primary roles: as industry ambassadors, public educators and service providers. The value of the structural pest management industry to the immediate customer as well as to the general public is often not communicated thoroughly enough. Today’s technicians must not only be armed with facts — they must also be prepared to communicate to both individuals and groups. All the vital services that are provided by the pest management industry involve protecting health, property, and the environment.

Our Philosophy

Bugs Fear Us believes that pest control operators truly are guardians of the environment. We do that by remaining educated on the latest and most efficient methods of pest management, and tailoring our programs to meet your needs. We offer one-time applications as well as quarterly and monthly services depending on your pest situation. At all times, extensive care is taken to exterminate the pest population without harm to humans and pets.


A one-time service consists of an interior application that may involve sprays, baits or traps depending on the pest and the severity of the problem. This plan also includes and exterior application done in much the same way as the interior application with steps taken to ensure coverage of hard-to-reach areas.


Save money on our interior/exterior services with the quarterly service plan, which includes applications 4Xs per year and a One-Time Call-Back at no additional charge between visits if needed.


Commercial customers will save even more with our monthly service plan. Ask us for a custom bid.


This plan reduces the pest population on the outside of your business or home before it becomes a problem inside. Available as a on-time, annual, quarterly or monthly service.


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