July 25, 2018 Bugs Fear Us

Don’t Let Ants Come Marching into Your Home

Summertime is here and unfortunately so are ants. We’ve all had those overwhelming moments where we kill one ant and seemingly another dozen pop up in its place. Plus, it doesn’t keep the little guys at bay when sweet summer treats like popsicles and ice cream leave sticky messes. If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “How do I get rid of ants?” the answer is simple. Call Bugs Fear Us Pest Management and we’ll design a plan of attack on those small, pesky critters. First, let’s take a closer look at the types of ants making their way into our homes, what attracts them and how Bugs Fear Us can help eliminate this all too common problem.


If you’ve got a lot of ants inside your home in mid-Missouri there’s a good chance they’re carpenter ants. According to the Missouri Botanical Garden, the number of ants you find inside your home indicates whether their nest is inside or outside your home. If there are a large number of ants and the nest is inside your home, it is most likely to be located somewhere that is damp, dark, and wooden. Another common ant found in Missouri homes is the odorous house ant. This ant, you guessed it, has a distinct odor associated with it. According to an article published by The Seattle Times, this stinky ant is most likely living in a super colony underneath your home. These ants love the Midwest climate, and unlucky for you they colonize and procreate at a rapid rate.


So why do these ants come inside our homes? Grzesiek Buczkowski, an urban entomologist who researches these ants at Purdue University, says odorous ants prefer to stay outdoors, however during inclement weather like a big storm they come inside and move their nest along with them. These ants also march indoors when the dry summer heat runs out their food source. Carpenter ants are attracted to leaks and moisture, and once they come indoors they tend to bring all their family and friends along with them to join the party.


Bugs Fear Us is here to help. We’re the leading pest control company in Columbia, Mo., and we offer a variety of services sure to take care of your ant infestation problem before it begins. We offer a monthly service, a quarterly service, and an exterior-only service involving sprays and techniques depending on the severity of the problem. We also offer a one-time service protecting the interior of your home from maintaining the ant infestation inside. Our 26 years of experience in the pest and termite control industry has given us the ability and insight to take care of any pest problem in mid-Missouri. Bugs Fear Us is proud to protect you from the pesky nuisance of ants.


Ants are small pests, but they can become a big problem. Let Bugs Fear Us Pest Management take the problem off your hands. No matter if they’re odorous or carpenter ants, or how they got inside your home, Bugs Fear Us is here to help. Give us a call today, and we’ll make sure the ants go marching away from your home.