July 25, 2018 Bugs Fear Us

Don’t Get Caught in a Web of Spiders

Spiderman? Cool. Spiders in your home? Not so cool. There’s nothing itsy or bitsy about the problems spiders in or around your home may cause. Finding a spider in the bathtub or on the wall in a corner of your room can be an unpleasant surprise, especially if you’re part of the 40% of Americans that suffer from arachnophobia or fear of other bugs.  Regardless of whether or not you’re someone with arachnophobia, Bugs Fear Us is here to help take care of any spider infestation problem you may have. There are 26 species of spiders most commonly found in Missouri, and we’re going to take a closer look at which spiders are most prevalent to those residing in mid-Missouri. We’ll also discuss what attracts these spiders to our homes, and how Bugs Fear Us, the leading pest control company in mid-Missouri, can help you keep the spiders away.


We all know what a spider looks like: it has an oval or round-shaped body with a bunch of legs sticking out on each end. But what people may not know is the species of spider they’re dealing with. Spiders are not one size fits all; there are many different types of spiders that hang around our homes for many different reasons. For example, the cellar spider is a common spider found in basements, crawl spaces, and cellars, and other dark, damp places. They have long, slim legs and are yellow or light brown in color. These spiders are mostly harmless. The brown recluse spider, on the other hand, is a spider you have to watch out for. This spider is light tan or dark brown and has a fiddle shaped marking on its body. These spiders usually hang around outside under rocks, and keep to themselves. However, if you ever find yourself bitten by a brown recluse you may not experience pain for 6-8 hours. Seek treatment immediately, as swelling or an ulcer may take over the wound. The black widow spider is even more dangerous to come in contact with. They usually hang out in seldom used spaces of homes. Females have a red hourglass shape on them, and males have dark reddish spots on their backs. If bitten by one of these spiders you must seek medical attention immediately. A lot of spiders are harmless, however it is best to seek help from Bugs Fear Us when you come in contact with spiders in your home. You don’t want to risk the safety of you or your family if contact occurs.


Spiders make their way into our homes in a number of ways. Whether it’s through cracks in the foundation of our homes, or through pipes or drains, spiders can make themselves at home in your space in several ways. Perhaps a spider climbed into your bag or the hood of your jacket. Spiders, especially the Wolf spider, are famous for hatching several eggs once they get comfortable in the space they’re in. It’s important that you call Bugs Fear Us to take care of your spider problem before it spirals out of control.


Are you scared, or at least a little bit freaked out after learning so much about spiders? Don’t worry. Bugs Fear Us has 26 years of spider fighting experience. We provide multiple methods of combating your spider problem. We also have various services to ensure your spider problem doesn’t have a chance at survival. Bugs Fear Us is the leading pest control company in Columbia, Mo., and we offer a variety of services to take care of your spider infestation before it begins. We offer a monthly service, a quarterly service, and an exterior-only service involving sprays and techniques depending on the severity of the problem. We also offer a one-time service protecting the interior of your home from prompting an indoor spider problem.


Are your spidey senses tingling in a bad way? Are you seeing spiders popping up in random places of your home? Give us a call at Bugs Fear Us. No matter the type of spider or how it got in your home, Bugs Fear Us will come armed and ready to stop the spiders before they start spreading. We’re ready to help you. Call Bugs Fear Us today.